Simmons Spotlight: Meet Ray Perkins

Ray Perkins, Simmons Team Member

Ray Perkins works as a Cost Accountant at Simmons Foods. He’s been with the company for 8 years. His main responsibility is to ensure the correct flow to show the correct COG (cost of goods).

“I really enjoy having a general structure to my day. The challenge in my role is understanding how to effectively communicate with different teams. Each group we work with has their own language specific to their area and it’s our job to bridge those gaps and present information back to the group in a way they can understand.”

Ray applied with Simmons because he was interested in working for a local company. Plus, he knew family members had worked for Simmons in the past. His grandfather retired from Simmons as a Sanitation supervisor after a 20+ year career. “I felt it would be a special to work for a family than a corporation. It was a company that was growing and I thought there may be opportunity to advance and grow, too.” 

Now that he’s settled into his career, he says that the reason he stays is how Simmons truly cares about its people. “The Simmons family has not forgotten that the people working alongside you are the key to building a great company.”

When describing Simmons culture, he says that it’s like one close family. “The culture is such that all team members are encouraged to be innovative and stretch not only themselves but the status quo. There’s a no fear environment that lets the team push new ideas against the ‘norm’. 

If you were to apply for a career at Simmons, Ray has these words of advice for you: “Be ready. Simmons is a different kind of place to work. People feel like family and treat you as such. People care not only about the job, but about you personally. It’s a place you can spend 20+ years working and feel that you are part of something special. It’s a great place to work.”