Simmons Spotlight: Meet Tammy Morrow

Simmons Spotlight: Meet Tammy Morrow

Tammy Morrow works at Simmons Pet Food in Emporia, Kansas. She joined the company in September 2000 as a janitor when it was originally Menu Foods. She then moved to Utility, where she learned a variety of jobs within the facility to provide breaks to other employees as needed. Now she works as a Kister Operator, managing a high-efficiency pet food packaging machine. When she started working on the Kister, she was one of the few women who worked that position.

“You don’t stand in one spot on the Kister. You’re walking back and forth a lot, which I like,” said Tammy. What she likes most about the Kister is that she is always thinking. “You have to get your mind working; you always have to be prepared for what’s next. It’s exciting,” she added.

While the Kister may be exciting, it can also be challenging. “Being mechanical is the challenge. Over time, you get to know your machine and can anticipate when something is going to go wrong, said Tammy.”

When Simmons Foods acquired Menu Foods, Tammy decided to stay, transitioning to a Simmons team member. She has a couple reasons as to why she decided to stay. “I felt like Simmons’ values connected with me. They had a foundation and I liked that a lot. I also like that Simmons cares about safety. You can tell they put safety first and they’ve put a lot of things into action here.”

As for the people of Simmons, Tammy says, “I really like the people here at Simmons. I’ve had the opportunity to train people and welcome them. A lot of people want to work here because the people are nice, and I like being a part of that community.

Another reason Tammy calls Simmons her work home is because of its culture and values. “When deciding on a good place to work in Emporia, it really comes down to what you want for your family and the values you have for your family,” said Tammy. “I like that Simmons matches my values. It feels like a family here. It’s very open – people are open to working with one another. I feel like an individual in a company, not a number. Plus, everybody can learn here. There is always learning opportunity at Simmons.”

If you’re thinking Simmons might be the right place for you, Tammy offers this advice to you: “Come on out! If you want to work in a good environment with decent insurance at a steady company, come on out and see if Simmons works for you.

When Tammy’s not at work, you can find her spending time with her family, which include her husband, son and two daughters. Her son plays football for OSU (special teams and strong safety), and she attends all of his home games.