Internships at Simmons

We aren't messing around, and you won't be either when you intern at Simmons. We believe in doing hard work that means something. You'll be working on real projects that matter, every day.

You're an adult now, and we'll treat you like it. Ready or not?


Above average pay (hourly)
starting at $10/hour

Full-Time Summer and Flexible
School Year Opportunities

experience opportunities


This is a marathon, not a sprint. Don't miss an opportunity to take the lead.

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 Simmons Foods Student Intern
My internship at Simmons and working with you was probably the most important talent-development stage of my time at JBU.
— Creative Team Intern, 2014

We believe there is always a better way. Our Lean philosophy drives this idea through our entire company. We believe in being curious, in seeing the world for what it could and should be. But it doesn't stop there. We're the kind of company that takes action.

We don't just talk about how it should be. We go and make it so.