Lean is focused on creating the most value for customers while minimizing waste and using fewer resources.

We started our Lean journey over a decade ago and are continuously working to make it an important part of our culture. As a certified training center for Lean, Simmons has trained thousands of employees and community members in Lean rules and principles.  We also developed a proprietary follow up to Lean called "B.E.S.T." (Better, Easier, Safer, Today).

Lean Rules

  1. Structure every activity

  2. Clearly connect every customer-supplier

  3. Specify and simplify every flow path

  4. Improve through experimentation at the closest level possible towards the ideal state

Lean Principles

  1. Directly observe work as activities, connections and flows

  2. Systematic Waste Elimination

  3. Systematic Problem Solving

  4. Establish high agreement of both what and how

  5. Create a learning organization



7 Wastes









We use the name "Tim Wood" to remember the 7 Wastes.

Learn more about Lean at leanlearningcenter.com