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We've been a member of this community for nearly 70 years. We've grown with you, enjoyed sunny days and weathered storms with you. We aren't perfect, but we're on a mission to build a great company. That can only happen with the support of this great community. Thank you Siloam Springs!

Why do you love Siloam Springs?

A town should be judged by the size of the heart in its citizens. By this scale, Siloam is one of the greatest cities around.
— Tyler, Sales
I love the growth of the community, ie. CASS school, downtown, festivals, new parks, new restaurants, new library, carnivals, the circus, the list goes on!
— Lindsey, HR
I have lived here all my conscious life - within 1/2 mile of where I live now, even though I can count 8 houses here that I’ve lived in.

The longest I have been away was when I went all the way to Fayetteville to college.

Mom and Dad brought me here when I was 4 and I have never wanted to leave. I have traveled the world and nowhere is more comfortable and friendly.

Thanks, Siloam!
— Mark, Chairman
Simmons Home Office | Siloam Springs, AR

Simmons Home Office | Siloam Springs, AR

My home town will always hold a special place in my heart because it had a huge part in making me who I am today. And it will always be Home Sweet Home. Siloam has a little bit of something for everyone. The Best Small Town!
— Renae, Finance
I have had several occasions that I needed the assistance of the Siloam Police and the Fire Department. Both departments are amazing! They were prompt, helpful, considerate, and stepped up way more than their job descriptions required. I think we are very blessed to have such good “caretakers” in our town.
— Janie, Home Office
Having two young children, Siloam’s beautiful parks and trails are a consistent part of our life and have been a source of fun and enjoyment for my family.
— Nick, Chaplain
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

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My family and I enjoy the safety and sense of community here.
— Phil, Sales
Our downtown, our schools, our churches and our civic organizations are a reflection of the great people who call this town home.
— Todd, CEO
I was born and raised in Siloam Springs so I have seen this community grow over the past 47 years. There are so many reasons to love this town...this community. I have a sense of belongingness, attachment, and warmth.
We have beautiful parks, scenery, walking trails. and gazebos. There are so many places to just sit, relax, read a book, and people watch. All of these don’t cost any money to enjoy. Simplicity!

We have fresh air, a sense of safety, entertainment, farmers market, festivals, community activities,neighbor hoods where people actually know each other, outdoor recreation, its’ quiet not noisy, life is simple, and people spend time together. Everyone knows someone.

This community has come together and worked hard in our down town restoration. We have lots of family owned businesses where we can support small business and our local economy. Siloam is like city life with a small town feel.
These are the reasons I love Siloam Springs
— Donna, Quality Assurance
Downtown Siloam Springs

Downtown Siloam Springs

Because people care for one another.
— Ken, Sales
It is a wonderful place to raise a family.
— Michael, Accounting
I love the small town feel.
— Steve, Information Services
It’s the best kept secret of NWA!
— Kimmie, Home Office
Siloam Springs is growing rapidly, but it still feels like a “small town”. It is great to know that your kids are learning and growing up in a town that so many of your own former classmates are a part of. From educators, business owners, city leadership, sports organizations, etc. - you feel like you know everyone.
— Tisha, Sales & Marketing
I love Siloam because it is a healthy environment for our children.
— Bertila, Human Resources
We love the small town feel - The Dogwood Festival! The Farmer’s Market! The safety and unity of a smaller community. And the Siloam Springs School District.
— Heather, Marketing
The answer in one word, is “economics”. Real estate in Siloam Springs is significantly less costly than in other areas of NWA. The rest of the NWA area is also easily accessible from Siloam Springs, and Tulsa is also not far away. So location definitely plays into that question as well, but the economics just make more sense in Siloam than they do elsewhere in NWA. Quite honestly, this is the primary reason my family decided to settle here. It wasn’t until well after that decision was made that we found out how wonderful a community Siloam Springs really is for all its other various reasons.
— Jim, Information Services
Love our community, Siloam Springs has wonderful people, businesses, and schools. We are growing very rapidly but still are able to keep that safe and secure feeling when walking or being outside enjoying the beautiful scenery. Downtown is improving very nicely and has quiet the attractions, places to walk, and just set and relax. I was born here in 1962 and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
— Tammy, Purchasing
Siloam has everything you want and need; shopping, great schools, friendly people, Dogwood Festival, small town feel, workout facilities, parks, recreation, sporting events, etc and nothing you don’t want or need, such as high crime. We relocated to Siloam Springs 14 years ago and it felt like home right away and still does today.
— Sherri, Human Resources
I love the local festivities!! Love the Ability Tree selling lemonade at a lemonade stand!! I love the diversity Simmons and JBU brings, the different food and drink cultures, even the Farmer’s Market!! Local bands, karaoke, bread shops!! I think that we take new age information and ideas and localize them!! (like gluten free, all organic, energy efficient, healthy living styles!) All the advanced technologies, that I know, with the small town friendliness of sharing the knowledge while smiling as the show you all about it. I love below the surface of things, the heart.
— Kelley, Benefits
I love how friendly, kind, and generous the people of Siloam Springs are. Everywhere you look is a smiling face, enjoying life in this beautiful town.
— Angela, R&D
As a new resident of Siloam, it has been easy to see why this city is so awesome. I love the exciting family environment it offers.
— Kelly, Strategic Management
I love the downtown area. I also love the amount of restaurant options, as well as the small town feel.
— Jillian, R&D
I love that while Siloam Springs continues to grow it keeps the small town feel. Everyone feels like your friend. We treat people with respect. Jobs and business continue to grow and move into our area but we never lose sight of who we are and want to remain, a real Home Town.
— Lori, Quality Assurance
It’s a great place to raise a family!
— Lisa, Accounting
Siloam Springs is full of great people, and the town has a cool vibe.
— Brett, Purchasing
I love downtown and all the small businesses that have opened up in the past few years. It’s nice to see small businesses making a comeback. Gone are the days of dilapidated buildings sitting on vacant lots as reminders of days past. This is a hip town with historic roots and it’s wonderful to be a part of.
— Chad, Information Services
I love Siloam because of the people; my family, my friends, my coworkers, my church and my neighbors. I love the little shops, the unique places to eat, the parks and playgrounds for my kids.
Every time I visit a big city I come back with more and more gratitude for this little town I call home. I also love the Chicken Ducks!
— Dave, Marketing


We love you Siloam Springs, thanks for being a great community!