Response to Oxfam Report "No Relief"

Refusing bathroom breaks is not tolerated and runs counter to policies and procedures we have in place. If an employee needs a restroom break at any time, someone is assigned to fill in for them while they are away.

Employees receive multiple breaks spaced throughout the day in an 8-hour shift totalling at least one hour of total break time. Exact schedules vary slightly depending on the facility and job function.

We believe we’re doing the right thing by creating an environment where employees can do their best, most productive work.

The report by Oxfam, which includes troubling claims from alleged former employees at Simmons, does not reflect our culture or working environment. Our open door policy gives every employee the right to address concerns directly with any level of management.

Simmons is committed to providing all our employees with a safe, healthy workplace. We value our employees and believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.