Simmons Value Added (SVA) will be the financial measure and benchmark of value creation for Simmons Foods.

Watch this short video for a brief introduction to SVA.

Take Action with SVA


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Drive Sales

Evaluate current processes to empower the sales and marketing team to generate new new business. Example: Expand business in new markets.

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Improve Operating Efficiency with Lean and BEST Principles

Streamlining processes and lower operating expenses will continue to improve SVA year after year. Example: Carefully manage production and staffing schedules.

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Make the Most of Every Resource

Be curious in searching for out-of-the-box solutions to make our assets more reliable and maximize their value over time. Example: Proactivley maintain equipment to enhance productivity.

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Be Curious, Embrace an Innovative Mindset

Enhance collaboration between teams to analyze new sales opportunities that will help generate positive SVA. Example: Suggest a new, marketable product innovation or process.

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Convert Working Capital To Cash

Take action to intentionally notice the small things that impact cash flow and find solutions for improving at every level. Example: Minimize finished goods inventory

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Invest To Reach Our Goal: 100% Customer Satisfaction

Invest in areas that expand our products and services while utilizing what’s available will help strengthen customer relationships. Example: Prioritize investments that deliver value to customers.