Welcome to the Simmons Truck Auction!

Simmons is happy to offer its team members exclusive first access to purchase used, decommissioned Simmons trucks.

Begins Monday, April 8 and ends Friday, April 19 at midnight.

Please only bid if you have the funds available to pay for the truck.

  • 10 total trucks for sale (all operable).

  • All bids are sealed.

  • The sale of each truck will go the highest bidder.

  • Bidder identities are anonymous.

Simmons Trucks For Sale

Trucks will be sold in “as-is” condition. Known issues are listed with each truck but there could be additional issues. See FAQs for more info.


Truck #1706

This is a 2004 GMC with 220,633 miles. Known issues: tire monitor sensor.


Truck #1860

This is a 2007 Chevrolet with 213,050 miles. No known issues.


Truck #2134

This is a 2010 GMC with 220,633 miles. Known issue: tire monitor sensor


Truck #2189

This is a 2012 Dodge with 151,993 miles and propane system. Known issue: water pump


Truck #2449

This is a 2013 Chevrolet with 150,509 miles and propane system. Known issue: heater causes over-heating.


Truck #1709

This is a 2004 GMC with 172,597 miles. Known issues: transmission shifts hard.


Truck #2051

This is a 2007 GMC with 215,880 miles. No known issues.


Truck #2141

This is a 2010 GMC with 188,398 miles. Known issue: front end worn


Truck #2444

This is a 2013 Chevrolet with 146,089 miles and propane system. Known issues: tire pressure light, engine code, propane doesn’t work


Truck #2471

This is a 2014 Chevrolet with 165,125 miles. Known issue: power steering


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What condition are the trucks in?

The trucks are used, will be sold "as-is" and will not include a warranty. Known issues are listed with each truck. There could be additional issues with the truck that are unknown.

Why are these trucks being sold?

These trucks are no longer viable for use by Simmons. Some have used decommissioned trucks in the past as farm trucks or for spare parts.

Can I come see the trucks in person?

Yes, you can stop by the Simmons Siloam Springs Garage anytime Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM to view the trucks. There will be no test driving available.

What payment is accepted if I win the bid?

Accepted payment includes check or money order made out to Simmons Foods. Cash is not accepted! Payment must be submitted to Johnny Beach, Transporation Manager. Johnny is located at the Siloam Springs Garage.

What is the deadline for bidding?

Midnight on Friday, April 19 is the deadline for bidding. All sales will be final after midnight.

Can I bid on multiple trucks?

Yes, you may bid on as many trucks as you'd like. Please ensure you have the funds available to pay for the truck should your bid be the highest bid by the deadline. You must submit a bid form for each truck you wish to bid on.

Is this auction open to anyone?

No, it is open only to Simmons Foods team members. Please provide your employee ID on the bid form so we can check that you are an employee of Simmons Foods.

If I'm not the highest bidder, can I still get a truck?

The trucks in this auction are sold to the highest bidder. If you're not the highest bidder, please be on the lookout for future opportunities to bid on used Simmons trucks.

Where do I pick up the truck if I won?

All winning bids are required to pick up in Siloam Springs. However, if the highest bidder is located outside of the local area, he/she is fully responsbile for picking up the truck from the Siloam Garage, including any transportation costs.

Who can I contact for more questions?

If you didn't find the answer to your question here, please contact Simmons Transporation Manager Johnny Beach at 479-879-2386 or johnny.beach@simfoods.com