Simmons Implements Tobacco-Free and Smoke-Free Workplace at Certain Locations

Simmons’ core value to Put People First reflects a commitment to encouraging every team member to be actively involved in safe and healthy practices at work. As a result of this commitment, Simmons is implementing a tobacco-free and smoke-free workplace at certain locations within its operations.

Starting today, Simmons Northwest Arkansas Office locations including the Siloam Springs Home Office, Siloam Springs Downtown Office, Decatur Office, and SFI Downtown Office will become tobacco-free and smoke-free facilities. This means that the use of tobacco products in any form and the use of smoking devices will be prohibited on property, including indoor and outdoor areas.

Research shows quitting tobacco use can improve health and reduce risk of heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and other related illnesses, as well as protecting others from the effects of secondhand smoke. There are many other health-related benefits to quitting and reasons why people choose to quit tobacco for good.

Simmons is a proud partner of the American Cancer Society’s tobacco cessation program, Quit for Life®. Through the partnership, Simmons team members have exclusive access to phone-based coaching and web-based learning support to help smokers quit.

We look forward to a safer, healthier Simmons as these locations become tobacco-free and smoke-free beginning today.